Jalcomulco Needs Your Help! Di "NO" A Las Presas!

The people of Jalcomulco need your help! A Brazilian company has started to drill and build a large scale dam on the Pescados River near Jalcomulco, Veracruz, Mexico without approval from the Ministry of the Environment. In fact, the watershed is currently still protected by Presidential Decree and despite not being given approval for their project the promoters of the dam are moving ahead with impunity, as if they have been given the Green Light for the project.

The brave people of Jalcomulco and surrounding villages have created a blockade, prohibiting access to the proposed dam site so that the unapproved (hence illegal) work is halted.

The "Protest Camp" is filled with concerned townspeople including members of the whitewater community, fishermen, farmers, mothers, fathers, children... concerned citizens who will be adversely affected by the dam, socially, economically and environmentally. Last week the state government called in the military to disperse the protesters, but their resolve was so strong the military eventually left them stay put.

The camp needs some supplies that we hope to inspire the International Paddling Community to "pitch in" and contribute to. We are hoping to provide cots, plastic dishes, T-Shirts and watermelon to help make life in the camp more comfortable, more environmentally sound, more visable in the media (hence the T-Shirts) and a bit sweeter... I mean everyone loves watermelon!

Esprit is spearheading a campaign for these supplies and our goal is to raise $2000 in one week. We (Barbara, Taigan and I) will be arriving in Jalcomulco from Costa Rica on Friday, and will spend the night in the camp on Friday night.

All donations are graciously received, regardless of the amount. For those that donate $100 we will give you a $100 voucher off one of our paddling trips in Mexico or Costa Rica (so really your donation is free).

Please help support the village of Jalcomulco. They are bravely facing adversity trying to protect their river and the local environment.

If you can, PLEASE donate now!

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